Lauderdale County Commission Solid Waste Department


Lauderdale County Solid Waste Department provides residential garbage collection for all of Lauderdale County excluding Florence City Limits and Lexington City Limits.  Residential garbage collection is $17.00 per month for 1 day per week collection in carts provided by the county.

Bagged household garbage only should be placed in garbage containers.  The garbage containers should not be overloaded and do not put in hot ash, liquids, hazardous materials, bio-hazards, cardboard, any type of yard waste, batteries or any type of construction material including paint cans containing wet paint.  If there are any questions regarding what items should be placed in a household collection container, please call the Lauderdale County Solid Waste office at (256) 760-5878.  Remember to make sure your household garbage is out by 7am on the day of your collection to insure pickup (placing it out the night before is highly recommended.) 

The county operates its own landfill located at 5700 Highway 157 N (Cloverdale Road) North of Florence @ Underwood. This C & D landfill is permitted to accept building type debris, trees and limbs, paper, tires, appliances (that have not had Freon in them) and other similar type waste.  We also accept household garbage at our transfer station located inside our landfill.  Lauderdale County residents may bring items for disposal by presenting a current utility bill along with ID as proof of residence.  Disposal for residents is free-of-charge.

County residential yard debris pickup is available (excluding City of Florence and Town of Lexington) for residents who cannot, for whatever reason, take debris to the landfill located in the Underwood Community.  RESIDENTS MUST CALL 256-760-5878 to be added to the pickup schedule.  Yard debris and shrubs (stumps ARE NOT allowed).  Limbs over eight (8) feet should be cut into smaller pieces to allow for pickup.  A pile of brush must NOT exceed four (4) feet in height, ten (10) feet in length and five (5) feet in depth.  If the pile exceeds these dimensions, it could be left for disposal by the residential customer.  Brush should be placed no more than two (2) feet from the roadway on the right-of-way and it CANNOT be placed in the ditch.  Brush should be placed five (5) feet from obstacles such as mailboxes, parked vehicles, fences and utility poles.  DO NOT place brush under utility lines, cables or low-hanging limbs and DO NOT place brush piles on top of water meters.  NOT following these guidelines could result in NO SERVICE.  Pickup schedule as follows:

  • Monday - District 1 - Limestone County to Alabama 101
  • Tuesday - District 2 - Alabama 101 to U.S. 43 (including Turtle Point Village)
  • Wednesday - District 3 - U.S. 43 to Alabama 20
  • Thursday - District 4 - Alabama 20 to the river and TN state line

Commercial Dumpster service is also available in the county and you may contact the Solid Waste Department at 256-760-5878 for details regarding the options.

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Contact Us

Solid Waste Office:
5100 Highway 157 North (Cloverdale Road)
Florence, AL 35633

Landfill Address:
5700 Highway 157
Florence, AL 35633

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1059
Florence, AL 35631

(256) 760-5878

Office Hours:
The landfill operates from 7:30 A.M. until 3:30 P.M. Monday thru Friday and from 8:00 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. on Saturdays.

Solid Waste Manager:
Tom Smith
(256) 760-5878