(Effective 6/1/2012)

DEED TAX - $.50 PER $500 or fraction thereof
MORTGAGE TAX - $.15 PER $100 or fraction thereof


  • $16.00 for the 1st page plus $3.00 for each additional page
  • $1.00 "No Tax Collected" stamp on deeds, mortgages and leases where we do not collect tax
  • $1.00 for each additional grantee, grantor (you are allowed 2 grantees, 2 grantors)

Satisfaction of mortgage - $11.00 for the 1st page and $3.00 for each additional page.
Plats - $100.00
If maps contain more than 20 lots - $5.00 per additional lot.
$10.00 for each additional page (maximum fee $200)
Notary Bonds - $28.00

Corporations (submit original & 2 copies, 2 separate checks)
Profit Corp, Non-Profit, LLC, etc - $53.00 & $100.00 to Secretary of State
Dissolution Profit Corp, Non-Profit, or LLC - $53.00 & $100.00 to Secretary of State
Amendments (ALL) - $28.00 & $50.00 to Secretary of State Change of Reg. Office or Agent is filed ONLY with Secretary of State


All UCC's must be typed

UCC Financing Statements and Continuations (1 or 2 pages) - $25.00 & $2.00 per additional page over 2.

UCC Assignments, Amendments, Subordination and Partial Releases (1 or 2 pages) - $20.00 & $2.00 per additional page over 2.

UCC Terminations – no charge

Need the most recent UCC #

Note:  Mortgage Tax due on amount of indebtedness

Each additional name $1.00

Cross index in real estate $1.00

Non-standard form fee $5.00

Our recording fees as of October 1, 2008 are listed below:

Deeds $16.00 for the first page and $3.00 each additional page plus deed tax
Mortgage $16.00 for the first page and $3.00 each additional page plus mortgage tax
Miscellaneous $11.00 for the first page and $3.00 each additional page. This includes Judgements, Affidavits, Assignments, Releases, Liens, Agreements, etc.

Additional recording fee on deeds and mortgages when there are more than two grantors or grantees/mortgagors or mortgagees are $1.00 per extra name over two. This also includes AKA, FKA, KNA, WTTA and any other way a name is to be indexed. This is on deeds and mortgages only!

Tax Exempted instruments have a $1.00 no tax fee

Certified Copies $3.00 for the certification and $1.00 per page
Deed Tax $.50 per $500.00
Mortgage Tax $.15 per $100.00

Please check and be sure the instruments to be recorded have:

    • Purchase price or today’s value on the deed
    • Name and address of person who prepared the instrument
    • Instruments are notarized and include the notary date of expiration
    • Instruments are in correct order to be recorded
    • The check is for correct amount and signed
    • Instruments have correct person or company to be returned to after recording
    • Mailed instruments have self-addressed stamped envelopes to return recorded documents in
    • Includes the Exhibits and they are legible
    • Lauderdale County property
    • Corrective deeds must have it stated on the instrument what is being corrected
    • Releases have book and page of instrument being released
    • We record originals only, no copies
    • No highlighting on documents to be recorded

Every Deed must have a Real Estate Sales Validation Form filled out completely, signed and dated. This is required by the State of Alabama in accordance with Code of Alabama 1975, Section 40-22-1.